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Only pictures in forum posts.

2009-07-20 19:02:12 by Warrickneff

7:02 PM: I'm only going to include photos of myself in forum posts from NOW on.

Don't worry, they will all be relevant. Maybe I'll post a little less for the next bit, but it's not like I'm a mad presence on the forums anyways.

7:09 PM
Scratch that. I only lasted 7 minutes. dang i get so carried away.

obligatory photo:

Only pictures in forum posts.


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2009-07-20 20:07:15

This is a blog. And if you post pics of yourself in the forums, you'll be picture spamming.

Warrickneff responds:

Clearly you have reading and comprehension problems.

Perhaps we should schedule a meeting with your parents to discuss whether or not progression to the next grade is something that is appropriate at this stage in your development.

"Don't worry, they will all be relevant"

That means exactly what it sounds like. I'll let you chew on that for a few minutes and then you can get back to me.


2009-07-29 15:44:14

Happy fucking 6K

Warrickneff responds:

what a waste of 5 years.


2009-07-30 22:20:29

that is something


2009-07-31 18:51:32

but i want to see moar of you

Warrickneff responds:

then show it shall be. I will continue to post only pictures of myself