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Practically Best Friends!

2009-08-18 22:35:05 by Warrickneff

I found myself at work using a weed-whacker, when there were all sorts of trails in the grass. I started to cut the grass and I saw a vole come scurrying away.

I felt bad for destroying his home, so I did what he probably wanted the least, and grabbed him. I continued to grab him and then have him jump away for like 3-4 minutes until he got tuckered out.

Once he was tired, he seemed to relax. I could keep him in my closed hands without him struggling, and eventually the little guy stopped huffing and puffing and started to crawl around on me and explore!

When I put my hand near the ground again, he kindof looked around for a few seconds, crawled off slowly, and then waddled towards his (now somewhat destroyed) house while glancing back sort of curiously at me.

I think I'm gonna go back tomorrow and see if he remembers me.

Practically Best Friends!


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2009-08-19 06:28:59

is that you in those pictures?


2009-08-20 16:18:54

like, do you pose, take a picture of yourself, break it up, and use them for your banner and user pic?

Warrickneff responds:

umm... yes?


2009-08-23 17:21:52

Aww, Oh shi- your sign up date is the day I turned 17!


2009-08-23 17:39:49

Awww look how cute he looks! I saw some documentary that showed if you dig a small tunnel and let a rodent in it - he'll probably start living there. So build him a new home lol.

Warrickneff responds:

he already has a bunch of tunnels!

the grass at my work is very very dense so he was able to create tunnels within the first inch of grass that aren't visible from above.

i didn't keep him or anything :(


2009-08-23 23:16:17

Awwwwwwww. Now I want one. You should've dug a new hole for him after work.

Warrickneff responds:

there was a cat at work that caught one of these and was playing with it, so i grabbed it from the cat and let it go later too!


2009-08-24 09:37:39

Probably not. Its brain is tiny.

Warrickneff responds:

yeah probably not i suppose everything in the world has to be dull and realistic.


2009-08-24 15:28:51

I fail to see where a nuclear reactor plays into this story.


2009-09-27 01:14:18

Happy birfday, Warrick!