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Dear TropicalParadise

2008-05-18 15:46:04 by Warrickneff

Thought I forgot did you?
Name a time and place, the shit goes down.


Also: I love waking up at 4:45AM, getting ready, showering, packing a lunch, driving to work, only for them to send me home. I got back at 6:25AM and I get paid for 6-9.

I actually do love it. I have the rest of the day to myself.

Dear TropicalParadise


2008-05-11 22:17:53 by Warrickneff

I went to a cottage party on the Ottawa River on Saturday. I brought 4 beers and a bottle of wine, thinking that it would be enough. Clearly, my intoxicated self needed more than that and I ended up helping a couple friends finish what they had left of their beers.

We played beer pong, and we all got about 4 or 5 games each in. Tons of fun. I spilt a bit of wine but all of it ended up on me.

Since there were nine of us and only six sleeping places, three of us peaced and went to another cottage down the road. However, there was no heat and it was a bit chilly. I brought my bag along and used a couple hoodies as blankets and they worked wonderfully.

The next morning, I got woken up by the other group of people barging in and yelling "Wake the fuck up.".
Thanks. Dicks. They all went sally and went to bed at like 11 and then give me shit for wanting to have a good time and partying until 3 or 4. Next time they're running on five hours of sleep and about 15 drinks I'm gonna make their lives living hell for a few hours.

Also, I pulled the trigger and puked before getting in the car for the ride home. Then I was like 30 seconds away from my house, when I had to get them to pull over and puke again. I had made it almost 2 hours in the car and it happens when I can see my damn house.

Happy Mother's Day! I bet she loved seeing me walk in the morning!

4/20, Rubik's Cube, and Other!

2008-04-22 02:28:06 by Warrickneff

I had pretty good Sunday. While many people use 4/20 as an excuse to get high and smoke, I found it a perfect opportunity to hang out and socialize with a few friends that I never get to see anymore. While we would be getting high, it was of secondary importance to the point of my visit. We had all made brownies together on the Saturday, something that none of us had ever done.

After reading a multitude of recipes on the internet, we decided the best way to go about all of it was just to do whatever looked right. So, we got a brownie mix ready, minus the oil, and proceeded to heat about a quarter ounce (7g) or so of some old shake and stems, with a little bit of new bud in a quarter cup of vegetable oil. After letting it sit at just under a simmer for about 1/2 hour, we decided no more THC was getting off the weed. We strained it, and used the oil in the brownie mix. I tasted a little bit of the raw mix, and about 45 minutes or an hour, after a couple beers, I started to feel the effects.

That probably should have been a warning sign about the potency, since I had only taken a finger of the batter, and was already feeling better than normal.

So, cue to next day. We've all been hanging out for like 4 hours, when we pull out the brownies. I was waiting for my girlfriend, so I didn't eat any with the big group of people. They all had one piece each. They were about the size of a folded Post-It. Later on, my girlfriend showed up, and we split one piece. I had wanted to go get groceries, so we quickly head to the grocery store... I buy groceries because I have none, everyone else bought snacks for later on.

We head on a quick picnic before the rain hits, and end up finding a nice quiet spot on the lawn of the nearby high school. As soon as we stand up to head back, my girlfriend looks at me, and I instantly knew what she was thinking. There was way too much weed in the brownies, and we were gonna have a shitty time over the next little while. I voiced my concerns, and everyone else kind-of looked around and was like "Yeah, we're super high... almost too high.", but the one thing everyone agreed on was that hanging out on the streets in our condition wasn't cool.

So, we all start heading back to someone's place for having a quiet evening together, rather than tripping around outside for a couple hours. I say my good-bye's to everyone, and Em and I came back to my place and watched an episode of Rob and Big, Life of Ryan, and Dexter. We had a pretty good time together, and getting inside and back into a nice comfort zone with each other was definitely key.

All in all, there were a few moments there where I thought I was in for a seriously bad trip off only 1/2 a brownie slice, basically 1/4 of a Post-It. I used to smoke all the time, but it hit me like a wall while we were out on our dinner-picnic and it didn't feel right.

I can't recommend that just everyone eat pot. It lasted much longer than any other high I've had, and my room-mate and I thought we were still feeling lingering effects this morning. It was a complete body high as well... so that was something different from what I usually have. If I were to do it again, I'd use like 1/4 the weed, and make sure it is not shake. I think all the crystal in the bag is what made a mess of most of us. Apparently after getting back to their respective houses, a couple of the others that were more adventurous and ate multiple brownies greened out and were sick. Not so fun. My time was good, but I think I probably only had a good time cause I was chilling out in a quiet environment watching t.v.

Comments about this are welcome. I don't mind negative stuff either so if you hate me for my lifestyle go ahead and let me know! I'll fight to the death defending my right to do whatever I want.

Why is it always so hard for me to find a job? I'm barely skilled, that's why. How do I get skilled? By getting a job. Why doesn't this make much sense to me?

Exams are going on right now. While I shouldn't be on Newgrounds at a time like this, it provides a nice break every hour or so to distract me and lurk or post for 5-10 minutes. I probably shouldn't be wasting Sundays getting high either, but I had planned my studying habits all week around seeing my friends so it was a right-off anyways.

I got a really nasty sunburn the other day on the roof of my house. I went up there with my Rubik's cube, and practiced solving it for speed. The burn is now gone, and all I've got to show for it is an itchy back and a tan that only a burn can leave.

You might be able to see the sunburn in the following videos.
This first one is solved using the Petrus method. I only learned it this week, so a 2:10:00 time isn't that shabby.

/* */
Here is me doing the layer by layer method. I'm a bit speedier at this one, but not by much.

/* */
The sound in the background of the first video is my computer trying to take off. Apparently the CPU was getting a bit hot and the fans decided to go buck wild.

Anyone out there ever practice speed-cubing? I live with someone who's dating a speed-cuber. His fastest time ever is 22 seconds, and he can also do it with his eyes closed!

Thanks to all who offered music suggestions for my Marathon over the last month! More are always welcome.


2008-03-12 02:07:20 by Warrickneff

Yes, I know I've asked before, but this time I'm serious. I plan on running a marathon towards the end of May, and it's gonna take me anywhere from 3 to 4 hours. As such, I will need 3 to 4 hours of music that is good enough that I WILL NOT SKIP A SINGLE SONG. That's important, because I'm gonna be in a right mood while I'm running this thing, and music should not be a bother.

So, suggest away. WIth my current playlist, I know it's not possible. I do know for sure though, that the last 40 minutes will be the entire Justice - Cross album.

Here's my current selection and what I've been listening to


Lots' O Shit.

2008-02-15 17:03:58 by Warrickneff

I fucking hate typing an enormous blog and then having the browser crash. In fact, I'm extremely disappointed, considering I'm on a Mac. I thought they had some sort of reputation for stability.

There was some commercial that particularly comes to mind when I think of that situation. OH YEAH. YOU CLAIM IT DOESN'T HAPPEN. >:(
That being said, I do enjoy my Mac, or at least did until Leopard. Don't "upgrade". Even the patch releases that have been rushed out suck major ass and don't fix the problems they claim to.

Previous Post Stuff:
Thanks to all that suggested music. I'm still open to suggestions, so comment if you think your music is better than mine.
I'm still doing 10 sit-ups per post... Pictures have become rare. All you need to know is that I'm getting beefy.

Now, onto some new stuff.

- Valentine's day is over. I'm not sure how secret it was supposed to be, but Brittany agreed to be my e-Valentine. Probably out of pity, but at least I had one. I was gonna ask someone I know, but I feel like that opportunity has passed me by. In fact, I tried for about 6 hours to fold an origami rose and to make a sweet homemade card, but it never turned out how I liked and I just gave up on trying to show her my affection.

- Related to above...I went on a date, but I'm not sure if I'm really into the girl. It sounds shallow, but I could definitely sleep with her, but I'm not sure how serious a relationship I want. Who knows if that's what she's thinking too. Usually I'm balls to the walls when I meet a girl I like, and I fall for them in about 20 minutes. This didn't happen, but after talking it out with a couple friends, this slow style relationship might be what I need, considering how often I get hurt.

- I'm going to the Montreal Meet-Up over Easter! It sounds like I'll be there for the Friday/Saturday at least, but since I'm busing home I don't know if I'll stay the Saturday night. I'm pumped to go.

- I've been staying up at night lately. I don't know why, but all these crazy thoughts seem to come into my head around 3AM. I usually go to sleep, but I'm gonna start writing a couple of them down, because sometimes I think about them all day once I remember what they were. I should probably start writing down my nightmares too. I've been having way too many, and my parents have suggested that I go to a doctor and see if I have sleep problems. Lame. Anyone else have nightmares 4-5 times a week that can relate?

I was gonna do an homage to LastSpartan, and post a picture of me flexing, but I keep picturing myself sucking a proverbial dick by posting it and letting a 90% male populace judge it.


2008-01-24 18:05:41 by Warrickneff

I got a whole bunch of left over Christmas money that I'm supposed to spend on music.

I've bought the Daft Punk: Alive, Shiny Toy Guns: We Are Pilots, Telefon Tel Aviv: Farenheit Fair Enough, and I donated a bit to Radiohead to get In Rainbows.

I've enjoyed all of these albums thoroughly. Got any suggestions? I'm fairly open when it comes to music.

List your favorite band, and then some stuff you think I might enjoy.

I WISH I was strong enough.

2008-01-18 01:32:04 by Warrickneff

Strong enough to stay mad.
to not let this happen
to hold a grudge.
to hold these feelings.
to let them know what's actually happening.
to not sluff it off.
to remember.
to not be o.k in time.


It's happening. Every time someone does something shitty to me, I go through all of the above feelings. Whether it be a girlfriend who's done something wrong, a friend who's crossed me, a frustrating person, or something similar.

I hate finally breaking.

I know it's supposed to be the right thing to do. I know it's supposed to make me a better person. "No-one should hold those feelings inside forever" They say.

...Well I WANT TO. I DON'T WANT TO MAKE CASUAL CONVERSATION WITH AN EX. That casual tiny uncomfortableness and feelings of curiosity drive me INSANE.

I'd much rather scream at them every time we talk. It would shock them, remind them of how they hurt me. Show them that I'm not the type of person to forget. I'd rather hold this feeling of hate forever so that it will remind me to never let it happen again.

Sounds pretty awful, but in truth, I will never be able to do it. I forgive, I forget. I tell them things are good. I don't hold a grudge. I get better with time.

But I wish I didn't, cause it means it could happen again, and that sucks so much.

EMOTIONAL SHIT FINISHED RIGHT HERE --------------------------------------

Update from a couple weeks ago. /post/57076
I'm still trying hard to do 10 sit-ups every time I post. I'm a couple hundred behind, but as long as I keep remembering, I do some pretty good work out days.

I'm guessing I've done about 1500 sit-ups. My abs feel a lot stronger, although no "real" visible difference jumps out immediately. My cut lines down my groin are lookin' pretty sweet though.

I say Fuck way too much.

2008-01-08 22:37:22 by Warrickneff

Why do I get myself into these situations...

The same fucking thing happened last year. Let me spell out what happens, more or less.

1. I meet a cute girl through one of my friends at a party/outing.
2. I express interest in said girl and take her out on a date or something.
3. Things go well for about 3-4 weeks, hanging out, making out.
4. I can tell the girl is about to give me a huge cold shoulder, and hope they don't.
5. I get a huge cold shoulder from the girl, ceasing all contact.

I must have some sort of personality flaw that girls only notice once I get close to them. I've asked my friends if anything had been said about me, but the only answer I ever get is like" maybe if the timing was better, things are really busy."

THAT'S BULLSHIT. Tell me straight up what is wrong if you're not that into me.

Like fuck off. Why the fuck would you tease the shit out of me, slowly get me attached, and the drop me the moment things are starting to get interesting. I want a relationship, not month long blue ball. It's not even about the sex. It's more of the principle.

I have no way to find out how to prevent this. >:(


ya right lol

New Years Resolution

2008-01-02 14:41:32 by Warrickneff

My mom and I have been debating about this for quite a while. It's been a little while coming, but I think I've finally found my resolution, even if she hasn't.

I'm going to run in the ING Ottawa Marathon this summer.

I know that this is an incredibly ambitious goal, all things considered. When people hear of my resolution, they sort of chuckle at my humor, until they realized I'm dead serious.

Less that .1% of people will ever complete a marathon in their life. However, I've been running for just under a year now, and I've competed in 3 different 10K races. In my first race ever, I got 1st place out of about 50 people, second race I got 9th out of about 200, and finally on this New Years Eve I participated in the resolution run, and out of 1700 people I got 7th.

I think it's time to move on and try a more difficult goal.

Marathons are notoriously bad for runners. If I were to attempt one today, I would either fail miserable around the 32K mark, or have an awful time of around 4 1/2 hours. There is a "wall" that runners hit when they attempt long distances, and it occurs when the runner runs out of glycogen stores in the muscles. If this happens, you might as well stop right there, because your body cannot physically go any further.

To prevent this, it takes about 20 weeks to properly train yourself, with about 60-80K of training needing to be done each week. I already run about 30-35K a week, so as long as I taper correctly, increasing the amount can be done safely in about 2 weeks.

My absolutely awesome goal would be to complete the marathon in under 3 hours, 10 minutes and 59 seconds to be eligible for the Boston Marathon. However, I think personally I will be happy with anything under 3 hours 30 minutes.

So... Am I crazy? I feel like this is a resolution I will keep, because I kind of had this as a goal before New Years even came around.

P.S -- I will keep updating the sit-up count for each post made. /post/57076

- 1250

Get Fit Fatties.

2007-12-12 17:42:49 by Warrickneff

I have been doing 10 sit-ups every time I post on the forums.

I'll be going into the middle of the third week come New Years. So far, I've done just under 100 sit-ups per day. I feel like I've been getting a pretty good work out, and my strength is already seeing results (including learning the action for a sit-up ... people that work out will understand).

I'm gonna *try* to keep track of how many I do, because as a human, I'm bound to forget a couple sets here and there. I can only image if I had started at 4000 posts. I would have already done over 3500 sit-ups in the last month or so!

I'm taking both a resting, and a flexing photo of my abs every two weeks. Although most people agree that significant size changes in muscle happen after three months, toning, shaping and other changes like weight loss can have visible changes between a couple weeks.

As of my last edit, I am 1250 sit-up closer to getting abs'o'steel.

Left pictures - relaxed
Right pictures - flexed.
New photo in another 14 days or so. (Last one posted Dec. 30th)

Comments on my hot-bod are also always appreciated :)

Oh yeah, I'm a guy as the pictures will clearly show. Sorry to disappoint.

Get Fit Fatties.